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How far is the train station from the Domus Rosarum?
The train station Monselice (train times) is only 2.5 kilometers with parking the car. The train is an ideal way to reach Venice in 45 minutes, 15 min Padua, Ferrara 30 min.

The Car is indispensabile?
Yes, the car is essential as to reach Domus Rosarum and run trips in the surrounding area it is advisable to move in the car.

What is a unique weekly rate?
The rate is always the same throughout the year, including all costs (heating, air conditioning, fuel consumption etc.); promotional periods is included in a series of benefits (see list on page rates).

What are the hours for check-in and check-out?
Usually, the check-in time is 12 noon and check out at 10; times, however, can be arranged according to the needs.

How far are the most common services?
Just 100 meters there are two restaurantstwo renowned wineries ( Loreggian and Borin) where you can taste wines from the area, the supermarket is 2.5 km, the church 1 km, the hospital is 3.5 km away.

What sports can be practiced in the area?
Just 2 km from Domus Rosarum Galzignano offers two golf courses ( golf club di Padova and golf club Terme di Galzignano); for lovers of walks immersed in nature and walking north, the area offers countless proposals.
Nearby there are also swimming pools, tennis courts, riding stables for horseback riding.

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